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Repair information for Sharp televisions.

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Sharp Aquos TV yes picture, yes sound, backlight on and off

Hi, i have a sharp aquos 65”TV LC-60UV40H

i was hoping to repair it myself but before i start opening it blind, i would like to know which board to aim for or what you think it is with the following description.

tv working fine and after a few minutes it backlight will off and 2 secs later will on again… it will gradually be frequent if i keep the TV on… (`1 sec interval)

could this be a faulty PSU? TCON?

I have the tools needed to repair or simply order the parts

Thank you

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Michael Galang focus on power supply first. Check the voltage in the backlight circuit is with the backlight led’s disconnected measure on the connector and see if it stays stable. Remember it is DC voltage and could be around 300V (depends) so set your meter accordingly. If the voltage is stable and does not fluctuate it is possible that it is your backlight array that has failed. If the voltage still fluctuates it is most likely your power board. Also check all the voltages from your power board to the main board and check the BL_ON voltage. Once you have the back cover off post some pictures of all of your boards and wiring so we can see what you see. Adding images to an existing question

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