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High performance tablet computer released by Apple on November 11, 2015. Model A1584.

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My iPad keeps rebooting after a few minutes of use


I suddenly got a problem with my ipad.

It has been very reliable until the problem arose.

I sat and worked on the ipad. Then it got a restart. The Apple logo appeared, and then it was started again. Thought this was weird then, but kept using it. Then it happened again and again and again .....

This happens even if it is connected to power. Have not had any problems with the battery. I was told by apple service that I had to restore it. Did it but the problem continues without me seeing any difference.

Have any of you encountered this problem before?

The iPad has always been in a protective cover and has not been subjected to any abuse and drops as far as I know.


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How long is it between restarts, is it around 3 minutes (you say a few, just trying to clarify)? If so I would check to see if you’re getting any panics in the logs. If you go to Settings > privacy> Anayltics> Analytics data (the exact names may vary depending on exactly what version of iPadOS/iOS you’re running, but it should still be essentially the same verbiage). Scroll through the list of logs and see if there are any with the name panic.full. If so, click it open and just skim it.

Many times this sort of reboots after a few minutes errors are due to the device not receiving check ins from a specific sensor (the panic will usually read as a watchdog timeout error and give you details about which sensor is not checking in). I am not sure that this affects iPads as much as iPhones, but the behavior is similar enough that I would still check. Even if it’s not this error, looking for panics could help narrow down the issue.

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Between restarts it takes about 1-7min. A bit random pattern between that timeline.

I am stuck at setting up my ipad again. Because I can’t get it configured before the restart comes again..

So i cannot access logs at all.


In the last few weeks I encountered this same problem. A few weeks ago it happened every few days. Now it reboots before I have time to get to the analytics, even when on a charger. The charging behaviour is unusual as well. It goes from reporting no charge (eg 7% ) to 100% in less than a minute when it reboots, then dies again.

This iPad has never been damaged, always in a case. Very reliable until now, which makes me think it's a software update problem. I've reset it and restored the contents to no avail.


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