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Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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small parts that are appeared suddenly

plz teach me the parts to use and how to constract in iphone4

reference in jp URL:


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THANKS!but I can't find shiny small part in the picture.

the left one is I understand.

very thx!


sorry,I don't know the place of the silver small part and how to put in .

plz teach meeeeeee


Here is the shiny part. Look at the shiny part he is prying up on:

For the wifi part take a look again at the discussion I referred to: and read the post from Chavdar Sirakov and his pics.

The small part is on top of step 14. iPhone 4 Display Assembly Replacement

Maybe this picture will show you how to position it back:

The part slides on the contact. I would also use some contact spray on the spot to ensure good contact.


sorry,I can see green mark. I think this part to put it on the green mark place.

but I can't understand how to put it on.

plz help me


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Save by fixing with an all-in-one kit.

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Your picture is not very clear but here is my guess:

The part on the right is for covering the battery cable contact.

iPhone 4 Display Assembly Replacement

- look at step 5. It is under the shiny small part.

The part on the left is very important. Without it you may have terrible wifi.

iPhone 4 Display Assembly Replacement

- step 13. It is under the green area. Take a look at this discussion on how to put it back on:

wi-fi distance was reduced

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The shiny part you will find here. The second step on that page has 2 pictures. There you will find it. I sits on the mute/silence button.

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Thanks Jonas. I could not guess to look at other steps since one usually does not touch that button when only changing the LCD. I saw now that the question did not state that he was changing the screen but a general take-apart and assemble question. Sorry tktktktkk, I should have seen that. How is it going with the wifi? I understand this is still an issue?


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