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1994 jimmy won't start, getting fuel

1994 jimmy won't start, checked plugs,pump, filter, relay????

Update (04/19/2022)

4.3. 6cyl. 4wd. Auto. No turbo

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Heidi Edgmon what engine size is this? Do you have spark? does the engine crank over? did this just happen all off a sudden ro anything that preceded this? What and how did you check things out?


Yes spark, yes on crank, slowly ... Replaced fuel pump, checked relay... Spray starter into intake, start them die...

Diagnostic read CODE 5-4, fuel pump ...less than 2 volts???

Bench tested old pump ...worked...???


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Heidi Edgmon your Code 5-4 is the code for Fuel Pump Circuit Voltage Low which would explain your voltage being at 2V. I would start by trying to direct to wire the pump to a 12V line to see if it runs. After that I suggest you check the wiring for a possible bad connector/broken cable/poor ground.

Take a look on here for the fuel pump wiring test. Let us know what you find out.

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Ok let you know


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