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Repair guides and support for the laptop line of Acer's Aspire series for casual home and business use.

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Keyboard Malfunction: Escape key doesn't work

New Acer Aspire 722 laptop purchased, shortly after I noticed the "ESC" key does not work... Is there a way to reset the keyboard to correct the problem, or does the entire keyboard need to be replaced?

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Reinstall the keyboard drivers possibly, but i doubt it's a software problem since it is new. You can always use a external keyboard if you want until you have time to send it in. But i wouldn't mess with anything hardware wise if it's under warranty.

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I have actually corrected this problem, it turns out this was a software issue... possibly some kind of advanced setting. Not exactly sure what caused it but a system restore did the trick.


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If this is a new unit I would have the maker correct the problem and if necessary replace the keyboard under warranty.

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This option is my last resort, this is a new unit and under warranty however I cannot part with the laptop for quite some time.


I agree with rj713 that the laptop is under warranty and the manufacturer should and will resolve the problem. You seem reluctant to have it repaired by them. Here is a link to a virtual keyboard that you can click on with your mouse. Here is a link to a number of places selling the keyboard, in several different colors. I am not having any luck finding a service manual to give you the replacement procedure.


I know with apple if your iPhone is broken you can have apple send you a new one first by putting a hold on your credit card for x amount of money and when you get the new one you can send the old one back. Then if apple confirms that it is not caused from abuse then they won't charge you. Maybe some other manufactures have a similar program?


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