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There are so many things we could do if we only knew how. This area aims to catalog most specialized skills necessary to perform certain kinds of repairs.

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How can I easily remove the bits from a 26-bit kit?

If you're anything like me, your fingers aren't needle-nosed pliers. I struggled to remove the tightly-packed bits until I wrapped a rubber band around it and then easily pulled it out. Now whenever I open the kit up, I make sure to have a rubber band nearby so I can quickly and easily get to the bit I need.

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Asked and answered myself. Mainly here in hopes someone else might benefit from the little tip.


aaronmiller, it's really not a repair related question ;-) but most certainly a great idea. I think you should take a couple of pictures and create a guide to have it posted on ifixit. I think that would be very helpful and a neat little guide to have.

Split your original question. Create one true question, and post your tip as an answer. You can even accept your own answer....:-)


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Thanks for the advice oldturkey03 :D

Here's that: iFixit 26 Bit Driver Kit Technique for Removing Bits

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Thanks Jamy, I tried this...handy when you don't have a rubber band around, but with a rubber band, it's even easier.


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I always put the handle over the bit I want to remove, pull outwards and then upwards, remove the bit from the handle, turn it around, put it back in, and presto :)

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