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Cellular version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1567.

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The screen doesn't get illuminated.

The phone doesn't charge and doesn't going on.

I took off the screen and checked the charging circuit and the Charge IC's exit was normal

I removed the board and applied to the battery entrance 3.7v through the power supply. Then I put the charger on.

But apple's logo didn't show up and the screen started blinking.

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Are you getting any kind of heat from the the board? There might be a short somewhere preventing the device from booting.


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Probably there is a short on the motherboard. Open it up. Look for any cracks, blown or inflated components. If that's not the case start looking for heat. You can try some heat sensors too. From there you just might get the broken piece.

Please make sure the charging port is actually in good contitions and the replacement battery is as well good before going onto replacing SMDs.

Doing so with a multimeter is not enough every time. An Oscilloscope may help you understand what kind of voltage are you getting on your motherboard.

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