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Repair information for Sharp televisions.

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Why does my TV have a blue line when clean

After cleaning my TV there was a red line I turned my TV off and turned it back on to have a blue line on it idk what to do

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TenTails2k you did not tell us how you cleaned it. If it is a vertical line about one pixel in size then there is the possibility that this is a TAB error. That means that the connection on the fine ribbon cable between the LCD driver board and the LCD has been interrupted. Sometimes you can verify this by applying some pressure on the bottom of where the line ends and see if that changes anything. Apply some pressure on the TAB that corresponds with where the line is on your screen. See if that changes anything. The attached image is just an example of what to look for.

Block Image

Block Image

You do want to go ahead and post a good picture that shows us what your TV displays. Adding images to an existing question - iFixit Repair Guide

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