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Repair and disassembly guides for Lexmark printers.

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Should I mention this or write it off? C3224dw

I am thinking of taking the loss and buying toner for this, but am not sure. I purchased this C3224 used on eBay and the seller said it had toner but didn't guarantee the life it had left, if any. It shipped with the return starters, so I don't think there's much life if any left in the set. My gut feeling is someone seen the cost and dumped the machine cheap. But I don't know because of the black toner. It was damaged in transit.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

I will admit, I DID ask the seller to remove them, they didn't do it by their own free will. I have had problems before here, as @jayeff knows from my last Lexmark saga (*Lexmark CS417dn* Do these Lexmarks have an "override out" mode?).

They did honor it which is amazing by eBay standards and it did save the printer :-).

Should I mention this to the seller or just take the hit and buy a new black?

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I'm letting it go. The toner wasn't lifetime guaranteed (I had a look at the counter, and it only has 1,337 pages; I think it was probably sold due to non-use, or unwanted surplus), and the CMY set is at 20% life. The CMY all says "Starter return program", so I'm inclined to believe it has never had another set installed.

I basically need a new set of toners anyway; I've NEVER, EVER seen a "starter" toner on a used laser end well, or at least it's been refilled and has way more pages on it then I know that toner can do (I've seen this on an HP 80A where the chip was virgin, but the waste toner was heavier than I know it should be). The seller removed it, which prevented the printer from being trashed like the CS417dn. I took most of the inspection photos in the bathroom, because yes, I use it as a "toner quarantine" area since you don't exactly live in there. A few bits of black toner won't harm anything.

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