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Repair and disassembly information for the 2020 refresh of the MacBook Air model A2179 with an Intel processor that was released in March 2020.

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MacBook air stuck in Apple logo forever

I have a problem with suddenly MacBook just stuck in Apple logo may I know how to fixit ?

Block Image

Block Image

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A apple stuck logo can be a lot of things but we can try software solutions before hardware solutions

Have you tried a full restart (hold the power button)

Have you drained the battery

Pram reset (command+option+p+r all held down at once)

If all this doesn’t work tell me if it’s still in warranty ,if it is take it to the apple store ,if it isn’t give me or anyone else on ifixit a shout and we can take further steps!

Hopefully this answers your question


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Hi everyone just want to update yesterday about the MacBook air suddenly stuck in Apple logo forever after try pram reset the MacBook back to normal thanks hellomacos :)


Your welcome!!!

If you have any more issues please don’t hesitate to ask:-)


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More on the macOS startup states:

To get to Disk Utility via Internet Recovery:

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