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The keyboard for Microsoft’s 2-in-1 laptop released in October of 2015. 6th Generation Intel Core i5 or i7

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screens terminals has small signs of corrosion , so gpu not found.

My partner has been disinfecting my surface book 2 during covid and started to show signs of small amount of corrosion in the screens port that connects the base/keyboard that also has to GPU in it as the nvidia GPU showing up and continuous connect/disconnect screen tone.

How can i repair or clean the port?

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Chris Cameron that is usually caused by corrosive materials destroying the nickel and thus losing conductivity. You could try and use some isopropyl alcohol and cotton swab to clean it. Then you will need something slight abrasive to remove the pitting of it. Try a thin stiff brush or a hard (smoking)pipe brush. Something like this always comes in handy.

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