IFB microwave going on and off

IFB microwave , when switched on(mains switch wall plug) both timer panel and inside light immediately start going on off, on off - with a clack clack sound coming from somewhere next to the magnetron unit. Timer panel doesn’t work. Initially I thought it was sparking due to dirty wave guide, but it is clean, and fault still there even without the wave guide in place. Anybody any idea? Thanks in advance.

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Hi @krisniki,

What is the model number of the microwave?

Lights and timer going on and off when the power is connected, without the oven being turned on to heat food etc, sounds more like a control board problem.

Are there any relays on the control board at all? A lot of microwaves have a power relay that operates when the power is first connected to supply the other circuits in the oven.


Thanks Jayeff for your quick response. IFB model 20PM1S - available in India. I am not sure, but there is one small blue one that looks like a relay. If that’s faulty, is it possible to replace it? How do you test it?



Check the markings printed on the component and then search online to see if there are any results regarding what it may be.

Usually a relay will have 2 leads for the coil and possibly two for the contacts.

The power would come thru the relay contacts being operated when the relay is energized by current flowing through the coil.

Since the lights and timer are going on and off it may be that the relay is not holding operated but without a schematic this is only guesswork.

If this was what is happening then you might hear the relay "clicking" as it operated and released

Maybe post a close up image of the control board and one of the relay? back here in your question. Something may be seen that you've missed.

Here's how on ifixit Adding images to an existing question


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