Where is the cover/lid sensor or switch in a Canon TR8550/TR series?

I'm getting an open cover error message on my TR8550. After no love, I finally disassembled to search for either a switch or sensor. The only one that I can find is the switch for the front panel. I've attached pics of that - I'm pretty sure it's not tied to the opening/closing the lid. Because it generates an error message, it would have to be electrically tied to the MOBO to pass that info to the front panel.

There is a twisted pair cable with plug from the cover/lid but without opening the lid, I can't trace it to see if it is attached to a switch or sensor. That connector is on the top left of the MOBO, along with some ribbon cable connectors.

In any case, I've inspected all around the cover and anywhere the cover makes contact with the printer lower half and can't find any sign of a switch or sensor.


Block Image

Where it says "front panel", that is only the switch connector not the ribbon cable connector, which I've already removed. This registers if/when the front panel is raised or down.

Front panel switch

Block Image

From what I can tell, this only serves to register if/when the front panel is raised or down and isn't tied to whether the cover/lid is open or closed.


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Hi @eurofjr

I don't know the printer but does "open cover" perhaps refer to the scanning unit being raised?

If so it may be that the switch is back near the hinges or if it is a sensor switch it may be a magnetic switch i.e. magnet one side of opening and switch the other and not a mechanical lever type actuated one

Just a thought


Hi @jayeff

It could be either the scanning cover or the (I'm not sure what it's called) entire cover assembly (which includes the scanner cover). This assembly has to be raised to access the ink trays. I've scoured everywhere with particular attention paid to the hinge areas for exactly the reason you suggest but no luck. It's kind of exasperating, actually.

For switches, I had considered mechanical, electrical, and magnetic. Still, I can't find anything even though I know there has to be something. The only switch I can find is the one for the front panel and that's separate and distinct. Plus, it works and yet doesn't impact the open cover message.




Other possibility is maybe that it is an LDR sensor (example only to show what I mean) so the absence of light when the cover is closed is detected


ah, yes...optical. Forgot that - yep, looked for those too. Basically, I looked for anything that could perform the function of a switch, any kind. Still, I do appreciate your suggestions. It's always possible I could have missed one.


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