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Model A2159, EMC 3301. A refresh of the entry-level 13" MacBook Pro. Available in Silver and Space Gray. Released July 2019.

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How Apple damaged my MacBook Pro during the keyboard program.

I am 16 years old, in the UK going to six-form, I recently bought a used MacBook Pro 2019 to use for Six-form in a few months. The keyboard started sticking, so I brought it in for the keyboard replacement program. Everything went in smoothly for the first few days, however 3 days later the repair was put on hold due to the MacBook not having the original screen which came with the MacBook; (Something which I didn't know about). They asked if you would like the screen replaced, we declined as the screen was fully functional and in working condition.

13 days later, The whole thing went for 16 days to arrive most likely due to it being shipped to Czech Republic from the UK, I got the MacBook back until I noticed a faint line on the screen. So I opened it up and while opening it up I saw a large dent or slit on the screen cable. I was so annoyed as they cannot hire technicians that could actually do repairs properly .I have taken picture of the insides before it was sent in for repair.

The line which was on the screen.

Block Image

LCD Cable after the repair.

Block Image

LCD Cable before the repair

Block Image

So the next morning, I went to the Apple Store. We had to wait 2 whole hours for a genius to come but once he came could barely notice the line but once he did, I have shown him the picture of the cable before I sent it in and after however he said since the screen wasn't the original one they cannot do anything about it even though the repairers were the one that damaged a working display.

That's as if you go to a car manufacture for an engine swap, and they damage your tires, but they will not repair or replace your tires because your tires didn't come with the car.

It seemed as if once the repair technician realized the screen wasn't the original one, he put 0 care into the screen damaging the cable while sending it back damaged knowing as if no one will care and nothing will happen at all with the screen. Moral of the story, if you replaced your screen and going to do the keyboard replacement, take pictures of the insides and outsides before they mess up something, because one they do they wouldn't do anything at all.

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Sorry for your bad luck ;-{

Did you go to a Apple Store or authorized Apple reseller or did you go to a store which sells used systems and offers their own warranty? Your options might be limited here! Here's what you can do for a Apple Store or authorized reseller.

Go back and speak with the service manager, don't take no as the answer! Hold your cool! If he is unwilling to bend ask to speak with the stores manager, then push to speak with the regional service manager. In any case send an email directly to Big Tim! tcook(at) as well.

Explained how you bought the the system used, and how you needed the keyboard fixed only to get told the screen was replaced which had no bearing on fixing the keyboard and you didn't have the money to get it replaced. And as you noted the ribbon cable was damaged in the keyboard repair you now have a line running down the screen where there was none!

Express this was a sloppy repair and you need your system fixed from the damaged caused by them.

Good Luck!

If you still don't get this fixed talk with your local consumer protection service the UK has. they might be able to help but only after you've exhausted with Apple directly.

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i bought it used on ebay but there was no mention for return since it said fully functional thats it


@LapisChest TD5 - I was talking mostly on the repair, did you go directly to an Apple Store or Apple authorized reseller?


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