tomtom goes off suddenly when it is switched on


My Tomtom GO61 comes on and then suddenly goes BLANK and does NOT return to normal...... where can I send it for Repairs?

What must I personally do to get it corrected. Most often, by Software Updates it shuts down and the download is broken for good.

What must I do or Where Can I send it for REPAIRS?


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Bu iyi bir soru mu?

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Does it do this with the charger connected to the GPS?


Hello Jayeff,

Yes please…… it even goes off when driving along in the Charger, also when updating, it can go off while still connected to the Computer - there by freezing or causing the updating to be stopped.

Thanks for your time….



Sorry I can't help with this one.

I was thinking that it might have been a battery problem, failing under load and that it would stay on when connected to the charger.


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