Bosch Series 6 showing error tap symbol

Hi there,

I've got a 3 year old Bosch Series 6 (model SMW66JX01A/01) which is not draining completely and is showing the tap symbol error.

I cleaned the filters, checked the impellor for blockages as well as cleaned drain hose (which were all pretty clean already btw). Then I ran a full cycle without any issues (so the pump appears to be working fine), however, the cycle after that gave the error again. I noticed it leaves about 2cm of water in the area where the impellor is. If I take this water out the next cycle will run fine, if I don't take that water out the next cycle will not complete, the tap error symbol will show and there will be water left in the bottom of the dishwasher (which gets pumped out fine if I turn the dishwasher off and start a new cycle).

Any suggestions of what I should look at next?

Thanks! Walter

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hi there - just an update on this one. I ended up getting in a technician. He plugged in his error code reader which reads the last 7 error codes the machine had. Apparently, it had E14 a couple of times in its memory although the memory doesn't tell you when these codes were captured. What's also not handy is that on the display it has only ever shown the tap symbol error code - not the E14 code, which would've saved me a lot of time trying to fix things that weren't actually causing any issues... Anyway, the technician put in a new flow meter and the machine works fine since - total cost AUD 200. Cheers


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