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Ice maker not dispensing water into tray, water dispenser working

Model: WRS555SIHZ00

Several days ago my ice maker was not dispensing water into the ice tray to make ice. I have replaced the ice maker only for it to make one batch of ice and then completely stop.

Last issue, the back panel on the inside of the freezer developed frost and made my fridge stop cooling which force me to unplug the entire refrigerator to melt any build-up for 24 hours.

After plugging it back in, the ice maker resumed making ice normally and my fridge was cooling again. Fast forward to now, the ice maker is back to not dispensing water into the tray, but everything else is working fine. I'm a bit paranoid as this fridge has been nothing but problems in the 3 years I've owned it. I'm sure it's bound to seize up again having to defrost it. The freezer coils were replaced in February 2021, even though the fridge was bought brand new in March 2020.

Current temps for freezer/fridge are: 5 degrees / 39 degrees.

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Hi @socrasteeze

Looking at the tech sheet for the refrigerator, the ice maker water inlet valve gets it power to operate from P1- 3 on the Defrost Control and Filter Indicator board.

There is no circuit showing the wiring in the ice maker but presumably there is a sensor switch (float arm?) that either closes or opens the water valve circuit depending on whether it detects that there is enough water in the ice maker or not.

Maybe check if there is 115V AC on the board pin connector P1-3 and also at the ice maker water inlet valve (supplier example only) in case it is a wiring problem between the two points. Note: there are two valves in the assembly, one for the water dispenser the other for the ice maker.

Be safety aware as you're testing for AC voltage

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Looking at the tech sheet seems a bit overwhelming for me to understand where to even test if I was going to. I might just request a repair person to come by and diagnose it. It's odd now though because it's cycling as if there is ice in the bin to drop, but when it comes time to fill up with water, I hear a low buzzing noise as if it's trying to fill it with water, but it doesn't.



Check if the "low buzzing noise" is coming from the water inlet valve. It may not be functioning properly

As I said there are two valves so if you operate the water dispenser you can hear what it should sound like i.e. water dispenser inlet valve, as opposed to when the ice maker calls for water i.e. ice maker water inlet valve.


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