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The Surface Book 3 13.5" is a hybrid laptop/tablet manufactured by Microsoft and released in May 2020.

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MSB 3 isn't charging anymore after pouring coffee over the keyboard


My MSB 3 isn't charging anymore after accidentally pouring coffee over the keyboard.

The tablet itself is charging but nothing happens when I plug it in over the keyboard even though it recognizes that it's plugged in.

I've already cleaned all connectors with isopropanol and failed.

I even tried to charge it with just one battery (by disconecting the keyboard battery) but also no success.

The rest of the laptop works fine.

Now my question is: Would a battery replacement help? Or could it be still a different problem?

I'am happy for every advice!

Thanks in advance.

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Replacing the battery usually don't help, the battery rarely fails, it's always the board.

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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Hello, Thank you very much.

Do you have a clue, where I could get a new board?


@vefix Sellers usually sell the whole bottom half of this model, it's easier to replace. You can ask the seller if they accept broken parts trade-in.


Do you know a seller? I had no success in finding one since two days.


@tomchai (first time here, forgot to mention you)


@vefix My seller recommendations usually don't work here, China isn't part of the world in many ways.


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