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The April 2014 update of the 11" MacBook Air packs refreshed dual-core i5 and i7 Haswell processors and slightly increased battery performance.

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Replace Battery in US MacBook Air 11" early 2014

Hello everybody,

The battery of my Macbook Air 11" early 2014 is really getting bad and it's telling me to replace it soon. The Macbook was bought in the US and I live in Germany. So I'm wondering if there is a difference between the US battery and a battery I could buy here.

The battery that is currently in there is Model A1465 EMC Rated 14.85V - 3.05A max.

The battery I would like to buy is MacBook Air 11" Early 2014 EMC2631 4 Zellen Laptop Akku 7,3V 5200mAh.

Does anyone know if this is compatible. I don't want to "blow up" my little Mac which I love very much.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Update (08/17/2022)

Made a mistake: The battery that is currently in there is Model A1465 EMC 2631 Rated 14.85V - 3.05A max.

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So the battery only speaks English voltage Vs German voltage? 😃😄

Not to worry there is no difference between the batteries! Here's the needed part from iFixit Europe Store MacBook Air 11" (Mid 2011-Early 2015) Battery and here's the guide MacBook Air 11" Early 2014 Battery Replacement

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Hey Dan,

Thank you so much!!! I figured it was like that, but I wanted to be cautious. Some time ago I "blew up" an American lamp because I only used a regular adapter :-). And also thanks for the links, really most helpful and highly appreciated.

I'm really glad I found this site and hope that I can contribute something some day.


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