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The Brother MFC-240C is an all-in-one color inkjet printer.

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Why aren't all the colors being printed?

When photo is sent to the printer only the red, and blue colors are printed in photos...When text is sent printer indicates that document is being printed but comes out a blank page.....

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Did you check the cartridges? It might be empty and need replaced. Sometimes if you don't use inkjets for a long time, the ink tends to dry up.

You can try cleaning it with a damped Alcohol cloth, but try it at our own risk as said by previous guy.

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Here are the general techniques to fix the brother printer printing a completely blank pages

1.     First of all, you should restart the devices, and then give a print command.

2.     Let’s cancel all print command, and then visit the printer properties, let’s see if your printer is showing available in the queue or not?

3.     Most of the time, people are getting the blank page from their brother printer due to the ink cartridge issue, so you need to assure that your printer has enough ink to print a text on the paper, if it doesn’t have enough ink, you may replace the ink cartridge as well.

4.     Apart from this, you may have the ink cartridge issue due to the installation issue, so you should uninstall the ink cartridge and reinstall the cartridge again. now give a new command, let’s see if your printer is allowing you to print a document or not?

5.     Sometimes, you may be getting the blank pages as an output due to the driver issue, whenever your printer is not printing the documents, you should take out the driver from your pc, and install a new driver on your pc.

6.     After using the above steps, if your printer is not allowing you to print anything, I will suggest you to factory restore your printer, and then reconfigure it.

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your printer may have any issues with the print-heads.

Look into the menu, the function to clear it.

Or try to wash it, at your own risk...

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You may need to clean your cartridges heads. what you can do is to put your cartridges head in to semi warm water for like 5-10 mins straight and also blow some air in the ink wholes on the top. Hopefully this shall solve your problem.

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