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Ring Floodlight Cam how to fix the light filters causing pink video?

Why does the video on my Ring Floodlight Cam look perfect at night but pink during the day? I am sure it is from the filters but how can I fix them? I have tried to cycle the power and tap on the camera, but no luck.

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Hi @rcracn72,

Don't know the camera but is there an option to turn off the IR LEDs in the camera during the day or are they auto on only at night?


@jayeff I did not find that option on my app, but I did try tapping on the camera itself again and that fixed the issue. Thanks for your reply.


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The IR filter used during the day is stuck in the night position and not moving back during daylight hours. Gently tapping the camera may free the filter. In my case I would need to do it every day! If you are within the warranty period, contact Ring support.

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