PS3 fat not spinning disc. Ribbon cable slot faulty?

Hi !

I got a backward compatible PS3, model CECHC, that was not reading disc properly. I tested it, it could read ps2 games but not ps1's.

So I decided to disassemble and clean it. After that it ran better but could not read any disc. Damm I thought I just destroyed something.

So I investigated. The feeding system worked but the disc was not spinning. I tested the lens and it was not shining any light when trying to read a disc.

I thought about a damaged lens and ordered a new one, that unfortunately gave the same result. I dissassembled again and again, tested and retested. Always the same.

Then once I re-assemble the bluray but forgot to plug the ribbon cable that links the bluray drive with the motherboard. And suddenly the lens was working !!!

When I plugged the ribbon cable back, it was doing the same as before, so I guess my connection between the drive and the motherboard is not good.

I noticed some black spot on the pins of the ribbon cable fixation on the motherboard's side, as one can see on the picture.

Block Image

This does not look like corrosion but I don't know what it is or if it is fixable. I tried to clean it with IPA but no result.

What is this and could I clean it?

The console was pretty dirty so maybe some pieces got glued together with the IPA and got stuck in the ribbon cable fixation I don't know and I will appreciate any help. :)

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