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Is there a way to revive a MacBook battery?

Hi guys,

About a year ago, I purchased a MacBook battery (according to Coconut Battery, it could actually be an original battery manufactured in 2014, by Simplo).

It worked fine at the beginning. But after a while, it wouldn't charge to 100%, and now it looks like it's completely dead, with 83% left on it. It doesn't charge and it doesn't discharge. If you unplug the charger, the laptop shuts down.

So the question is: is there a way to revive a battery? In this case, a MacBook battery?

Is the only solution here replacing the battery (again)? If so, would you recommend going for another potentially original battery (considering they're already very, very old) or purchasing a newer, but likely not original battery? Do you know any third party good battery manufacturers for this model?

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There is a way that could work but it can be extremely dangerous and isn’t recommended

If you connect it up correctly to a bench power supply and you charge it slowly it could bring it back but it isn’t recommended as playing with lithium battery’s and electricity is very dangerous

So I would just recommend buying a new battery or getting a new one under warranty if it’s still under it

Also I would have a look at this link

That @danj kindly mentioned as it’s very interesting and can give you a better look into what happens inside a battery

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Conveniently enough, the battery I got had a 1 year warranty. I guess it lasted exactly that long. :))

Anyway, thank you very much for the advice! :)



Your most welcome:-)

Maybe considering trying to claim the warranty as some places will accept a little after the warranty ends

No guarantees though!


@hellomacos - I would point out the chemistry of the battery and its construction often negate recovery. And in truth all you're doing is burning out the Lithium dendrites but once the pathway is present a new dendrite will follow its pathway! So you only typically gain a few cycles.

Sadly, it also weakens the battery so it is likely to fail and it could fail rapidly! Risk of blistering of the cell and fire/smoke!



Thanks for the feedback

It’s greatly appreciated

Il have a look into the link you sent me

Once again your feedback is greatly appreciated




Just had a look!

It’s very very interesting how these lithium dendrites behave and can cause your battery to eventually fail

Il mention it in my answer

Thanks again:-)


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