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Model A1174 with 2 GHz Core Duo or Model A1207 with 2.16 or 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo

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Dies after 20 mins or so. Dead for 10 hrs

After about 20 mins mac dies with a click and refuses to restart for at least 10 hrs.

Have reset pram

It keeps no record of the event.

Forums suggest power supply or logic board.

Would cost lot more than the mac is worth to replace board and ps but if it is a component on the board or ps could this be identified and replaced as a last resort?

Spoke to a mac bits supplier who quoted an exchange price which suggests they might be repairable.

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This problem was solved.


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To use the Apple Hardware test put the appropriate Apple disk you got with the machine that has in small writing "To use Apple Hardware Test, hold down the D key as the computer starts up". when it comes up just follow the instructions.

The noise the you refer to as a "click" may give you the best indication of the offending part. If it is at the lower end it is most likely the Power supply, If it is at the top or middle it is most likely the logic board.

If you do not want to track it down you can send the machine to a place like DT&T in California where they can diagnose and tell you whats up and let you decide about the repair. Cost of shipping is usually over $50 each way. See :

If you have a vendor who can do component repair and has the specs for this machine that could save some money. Watch out for ebay though. No Warranty with them in most cases.

Good luck

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Thanks for all the advice. With nothing to lose I found an untested power supply on ebay for £5 which solved the problem! the iMac has been running perfectly for 5 days. - one of the cheapest and luckiest mac repairs ever.


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Try first just resetting the smc. That might work, if not, as you say, sounds like either a bad power supply or logic board. The power supply isn't too expensive or difficult to replace, however the logic board will be difficult to find, very expensive, and very difficult to replace. In which case it's probably not worth it.

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so how can I narrow it down; is there a way of diagnosing which it is?


The Apple Hardware Test could turn something up.


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