New dishwasher fills up for rinse cycle but not for wash cycle

(to clarify, I'm already in touch with the retailer but they are giving me a hard time for a replacement, and warranty techs are booked for 3 weeks. Just trying to see if there's something I overlooked in the meanwhile).

Hey everyone, I recently bought a Frigidaire FGIP2468UF2A that seemed to work fine for about 2 quick washes, and stopped filling in water for the wash cycle on the third time.

Some of the things I've tried / tested so far:

  • Diagnostic mode showed no codes.
  • Float valve moves freely, multimeter shows continuity in normal state and no continuity when triggered. Unplugged and replugged just in case.
  • Inlet valve is getting 120V during both rinse cycles (actually fills up) and wash cycle (no water flows into the tub). Unplugged and replugged just in case.
  • No debris on inlet valve filter.
  • Quick wash is Pre Rinse 1 -> Pre Rinse 2 -> Wash (stops filling here). PR1, PR2 and Wash happen in quick succession.
  • In normal wash, it actually gets further into the cycle: Rinse 1 -> Rinse 2 -> Rinse 3 -> Wash -> Final Rinse (stops filling up here). Each rinse cycle (and wash cycle) are quite long.

I'm inclined to think it's the inlet valve malfunctioning somehow? I originally thought it was something else as it works during the first couple of stages of the wash, but I wonder if it overheats or something?

Posting in case there is something else I could try while I wait for the tech / deal with the company trying to get a replacement. Thanks!

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Hi @martell96,

Just some observations.

I wouldn't go opening the dishwasher too far to try and find the problem as you may void the manufacturer's warranty doing this.

Have you checked that the water supply temp and pressure are OK? The incoming water temp is minimum 120°F (49°C) i.e. hot water supply and the pressure should be 20-120 psi.


Hi jayeff. Thanks for your comments! All the things I've tested have been "in place" and I haven't removed any components, but thanks for the reminder!

Yes, temperature is ok and I believe pressure is good as well. I don't have a way to test the pressure, but it seems plenty and it fills up a bucket quite quickly.


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