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Repair guides for Microsoft's Surface Laptop Go, released in October of 2020.

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What is the type of Internal storage do I have, & what can I install?

I want to change my laptops internal SSD and i want to know what kind of internal SSD should i buy. Should i buy just 2230 types ?

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I just upgraded a Surface Laptop Go (1st version 10th Gen i5) from a 128GB NVMe to a Kioxia BG5 2230 and all is 100%


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Hi @miladunique,

If this is the first Go version, I'm pretty sure it utilizes eMMC, which is soldered to the motherboard, and is as such "unupgradeable".

I used quotation marks because you can desolder and solder on a larger chip, but it wouldn't recommended unless you're very experienced with soldering / reworking and have a good understanding of both hardware and software.

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thanks for your answer, i think its not the firrst version .Its the one that has core i5 10th genaration.


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Take it out and see what type it is.

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