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Repair and disassembly information for Google's Pixel 6 Pro smartphone, released in October 2021. Identified by model number GLUOG, G8VOU, and GF5KQ.

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Removing retail mode: need retail admin IT password

I managed to convince one of the sales people at Best buy to sell me the floor model of the Google pixel 7 pro 5G. Phones battery was dead at the time. Now that it's charged I see that I need the retail admin IT password to get into the developer options menu... Does anybody know this password? or Google's stock retail password? Maybe there are other ways, possibly ADB/Fastboot..? I would need step by step instructions/copy & paste commands if so

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I dunno, Skip; seems like Best Buy ought to be willing to take the password off for you, otherwise they've sold you a phone that doesn't work and need to make good on their sale by removing it.


As @Jerry Wheeler says, take it back to the shop and get them to remove it.




This worked^


I never got the password to work on my go. I went to apk mirror and got their apk installer and happy mod and got ex file manager. The installer will install the file manager. With file manager I went as deep as it would let me into the file system and started deleting any file having to do with retail mode. Some files won't delete but you can empty them. There was another thing I did using abd. It's a package installer. You'll use adb to grant admin permissions to it. Then you can disable retail mode.


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Hi Skip,

The only way to remove retail mode on your pixel is to send it to Google to remove the password or to ask Best Buy to remove it. You can probably try some paid third-party software to try and remove it, but it may not work.

With regards,


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You could try factory resetting via the bootloader on the Pixel. Here's how to do that

  1. With the phone powered off, press and hold the Power and Volume down buttons until Fastboot mode (image of a triangle with an exclamation point) appears, then release.

    (If you have a picture of an android with the words "No Command" then you Press and Hold the Power and Volume Up button and release them if you see the triangle)


  1. On the Screen, select Recovery mode and when you see that option, press the power button
  2. You'll see an Android recovery screen, on that screen select the option that says: Wipe data/factory reset. Then select the Factory Data Reset Option
  3. Once you reset the phone, you might still be in the bootloader screen. You're going to want to select the Reboot System Now option

FYI This wipes the device, and if you added your google account, it will ask for it upon setup

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I have a LG g8 that is in retail mode. From my research I have found that resetting doesnt remove retail mode. Its in the firmware. Check your firmware version and see if its not different. Also retail model devices I found dont have either radio hardware and or an IMEI. Mine wont charge over 50% while on and the storage is taken up mostly. I have managed to get one or two pasdwords that have allowed some access to settings but not 100% admin. I found that you can sideload apps using chrome but not the store app.


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I install those demo devices. While I have a password that can give you access to some settings and to remove the demo loop, you won't be able to use it. The previous response is correct regarding the firmware. Now with that being said... We just installed the 7A last week. They phone you have was not removed from the tables. The moment you put a sim card in it, it was linked to your number. The Google field technician that services that location will definitely have to report it missing from the table. We have to go in and audit and or photos have to match our report. Best buy don't play that $@$* lol. If your"friend that works there" has worked there for any amount of time, they should already know. If not, y'all are about to learn ✌️

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1 Yorum: of the first things we do when we Install them is put in the store number. Really my guy... It's not worth it.


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