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Sony VGN-N320E-B shows blue screen and nothing more. How do I fix?

Ok so the computer comes on ... the sony Vio illuminates on the screen then the screen goes deep blue/ black. A white cursor comes on briefly then nothing. Tried to do safe mode but F8 and F5 just tone while they are held down. I am guessing its the hard drive or the ram with drive being the first choice. This is a buddies computer and just wants the info off the hard drive and really does not want to spend money on this ( he wants to buy a Mac Mini). Where do I start ?

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Thanks guys !!!! If the computer was mine I would fix it... since its not pulled the drive and downloaded the info on another HD. I did suggest to my friend that owns it to do what you suggested to do. He has another buddy that does computer repair for the city so he should know your suggestions too... will see. Will let you know whatever the outcome is.


Where's the answer and suggested solution? I have the same problem and I need some help please. My laptop is a Sony Vaio SVE141J running on Windows 8. After I press the start button, the logo shows on the screen for few seconds then blue screen all the way. I can see the cursor on the screen of blue and nothing else. I wonder if it has something to do with my laptop's RAM. It only has DDR3 2gb ram and only one slot has RAM. Will adding Ddr3 4gb ram to the vacant slot will do the trick? I need some advice how to fix it. Thank you.


They don't call it the blue screen of death for no reason. lol. when it happened to my HP it was the OS. I HAD TO DOWNLOAD WINDOWS 10 on a flash drive and load it back on the pc. call Microsoft and the will help you through it.


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If all you want is the data - take the HDD out and put it in a USB enclosure or similar. THIS guide may assist in getting the drive out.

ATA-SATA USB adapter cable

SATA ext enclosure

ATA ext drive

If you want to actually FIX the laptop, then lets start with the following:

Unplug the power adapter, take out battery, leave a few minutes, then reinstall battery, power adapter and attempt boot.

Try pressing F2 (a few times) when the system starts to see if you can get into the BIOS of the laptop

THIS manual may also be worth a look

Post back results for additional advice


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+ Good start Richdave. @Todd Killeen Here you are going to want to push the power button for 10 seconds after you have removed all power to dissipate the charge in the capacitors. - "Unplug the power adapter, take out battery, leave a few minutes, then reinstall battery, power adapter and attempt boot."


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The quick and easy solution is to just turn off the automatic reboot option and force the blue screen to stay there, so that’s what we’ll show today.

Right-click on the Computer icon and choose Properties. Windows 7 or Vista users will be taken to the system properties screen, so click on Advanced system settings.

The Advanced tab should already be selected, so you’ll want to click the Settings button under “Startup and Recovery”.

Just uncheck the option for Automatically restart under the System failure section.

Next time you get a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) you’ll be able to see it and able to write down the error message.

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