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The Nikon D90 is a 12.3 MP DSLR camera capable of taking photos and video.

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Why is my flash doesn't work

my flash does not light up even though there is flash warning, i have tried everything but it just wont work

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Did you review sidebar questions?


Paolo Tauro you did not tell us if your flash pops up. This is information we have to have.


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Paolo Tauro if your flash does pop-up check on the answer here It is very similar to your camera. Of course there is also the possibility that it is your Flash bulb so use this guide to check on that. If nothing else, teh SM for your camera is on this this page listed under Documents. Of course, I would also try a reset of the setting. Something like this. Place the camera into manual (m mode), scroll with the thumb wheel until the shutter speed is 1/200, press the button on the side of the camera to force the flash up, and then take a picture. This should verify that your flash is truly not firing.

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