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Whirlpool french door WRX735SDHZ refrigerator not dispensing ice/water

Our french door fridge only dispenses ice and water if we slam, jiggle, pull the door out slightly until it engages. It is not consistent either. Sometimes we can hold it just right and sometimes it just won't work. Is this an issue with the trigger or do we need to adjust the door? I am at a loss. Anyone else experience this and have a fix?

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I have a Whirlpool MFI2569VEA French Door Refrigerator with the same issue. To get the Ice and water dispenser to operate, I need to repeatedly push the door switch. Both switches are new and test fine. Has anyone found a solution? I don't want to invest $200 in a control board, It does not seem to be a board issue, Any Suggestions?



What is the full model number of the refrigerator as there are three different models having different specs -EA1, -EA2 and -EA10?


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With the freezer door open, manually operate/release the freezer door switch and check if the light turns off and on.

If the light only intermittently works correctly it may be a faulty door switch. (part #W11396033).

The dispensing action only works when the door is closed and the only way the control board knows this is because of the door switch being operated.

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