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Repair information for Apple's high-end wireless earbuds—priced above standard AirPods, and first released in October 2019.

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Pair button doesn't work

I got some second hand airpod pros but i cant get the pair button to work. they charge and everything and they are genuine. i cant get them to pair for the life of me, please help.

edit: the white pairing button doesn’t turn on when i press the button

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Are you following this guide?


@yukamoran yes, the white led wont even show


Did you solve it? I am having the same problem and just talked to Apple Support. They recommended to see the Genius Bar next week.


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When i had this issue i found a cheap case off amazon to pair with but here are the steps you can try to get them to pair,

Make sure your bluetooth is on when attempting to pair by holding down the button for up to 10-15 seconds if that does not work fully charge your airpods then open them up near any apple device with bluetooth on which should allow it to connect.

If this does not work what i did was buy a cheap case off of amazon to just pair them with the airpods themselves. this does work with all models but the case will be somewhat bad quality.

Hope this helped.

Link for the case :

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so my headphones are paired and working again.

Thanks to Edelgard at the OEZ Apple Store, my AirPods Pro are working again. I am not sure whether this is the solution but here is what happened. My headphone case was checked and tested with another pair of AirPods Pro. Ultimately, the decision was: the pairing button is broken. However, when I put my own headphones back in again the LED started blinking white again. I was then able to pair the case with my iPhone again.

So, if you have the same problem and another pair of AirPods Pro at and, give it a try!

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