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Repair guides and support for coffee makers by Keurig including the K-Cup systems.

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I have a P145 Keurig Office Pro Coffee maker. Reservoir problem.

Hello. I have a P145 Keurig Office Pro Coffee Maker. The part with a spring on it down in the bottom of the reservoir has come out. It comes out from the outside of the tank. Now it won't stay in the hole at the bottom of the reservoir. Is there something I'm missing?

Update (11/02/2022)

I'm made a mistake on the model number. It's a B145. I believe the part is called a spring loaded valve. I think it is where the water leaves the tank and goes into the brewer.

Here's is a picture looking from the outside from the bottom. I think this is where the spring-loaded part goes in. When you put the reservoir on the brewer it pushes the part up and the water can now enter the brewer.

Block Image

Here is a side view screen shot of a video that shows how the part goes in the tank.

Block Image

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I can't figure out how it stayed in there. I never saw any kind of adhesive residue on the part or tank after it came out.


i need to go to a store that sell Keurigs and look at the reservoir because this just isn't making any sense to me. I thought I was sure about how it went in. Now I'm getting confused about it. I'm typically thinking too much. I hope someone answers and tells me how it's suppose to go in and whether I need to start looking for a new tank. I did try calling Keurig yesterday and I got someone from the Philippines who couldn't help me. At all. I was a little disappointed to say the least.


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(I have no experience with coffee maker repairs, so take my advice with a hint of salt lol)

I think you might be missing a screw or some type of adhesive that may have came out. I don't think the valve would have just been set in there. I think you should look into getting a new one or a replacement valve

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if you need to replace the reservoir, as @oldturkey03 said, here's a link for your coffee maker model :)


OMG! Why of all things, is that particular reservoir so expensive. That was the only place I could find one. There was one on ebay but it has sold.


yeah it seems like the rarer/older the product is the more expensive as i was looking at s5 lcds and they cost 205$ when the phone itself cost 50$ .-.


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Cori McCullough post some pictures of what you are looking at. Use this guide to add pictures to your QUESTION Adding images to an existing question If you are referring to the valve in the reservoir, most of them are actually secured with some screws. Some of them seems to be "welded and may require a whole new reservoir. Let us know if the valve on the left is what you are referring to.

Block Image

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