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Repair information for Sony Bravia 32" LCD TV. Released in 2008. Model number: KLV-32T400A.

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My screen just started flickering rainbow colours,what's the solution?

My Bravia 32 inch LCD TV screen just started flickering rainbow colours on the screen without any picture, but sound is still intact. What could be the problem and what's the solution to this problem?

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It's a TV not a Windows PC please


Hello, I have a similar problem

Any help please??


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@prompat none of what your screen shows should be related to the T-con board. Remove the back of the TV and post some good pictures of all of your boards and the interconnect cables. This looks like a Panel error. See if you can get some close-ups of the driver boards which connect to the LCD via some very thin and fragile looking ribbon cables.

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The Service manual points toward the panel itself as well. What would make you think it's not the T-con board? Not challenging, rather wanting to learn.


Do I need a technician to do this? So I don't complicate things


@prompat If you don't feel comfortable opening up your TV you can certainly take it to a technician. That said, you don't need to really mess with anything to take pictures of the various boards and post them here. You would especially be looking for burn marks, or burnt components on the boards, and there are boards that are even on the edge of the Panel that you should look at and get pictures. But it's your choice completely.


That said, I'll open it up and take the close pictures after which I'll post them here for further guide


@billg66 I am assuming this was directed toward me? It's the outline that forms around the screens. Something like the outline on the right in purple. You would not get this "shape" with a failed T-con board. Remember the function on the board, scanning the rows and columns etc. To "draw" this shape would be a very unusual error. The rest could've been the T-con board but even with that, I would have checked the main board first.


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Try a couple of resets first, if you haven't already.

Here's the Operating Instructions

Here's a link to the troubleshooting guide

Procedure for a Power Reset: (I would suggest that holding down the power button for a minute be added between the first and second steps)

  1. Unplug the TV power cord from the wall outlet.
  2. Disconnect all devices from the TV.
  3. Wait five minutes and then plug the power cord back to the wall outlet.
  4. Connect the first device to the TV.
  5. Turn on the TV again.
  6. If the problem still occurs, repeat the above procedure for each of the devices that you have connected to your TV. If it turns out that one of the connected devices is causing this issue, contact its manufacturer for support.

There may be a factory reset procedure you can try, but that erases any stored data you have.

Here's a link to the service manual

If resets don't help, a first guess is the TCON board, which is a small board in the lower center of the rear of the TV when the rear cover is removed. You did not mention blinking lights on the TV which would be significant, as these models use a blink code on their standby light for troubleshooting.

Second guess is the LCD screen itself. Section 3 of the Service Manual seems to indicate that in the triage section.

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This procedures didn't fix it as well


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