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Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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Internal microphone not working after swapping the dock connector.

Hello, I just swapped the dock connector on a friend's iPhone 4 because it wasn't charging/syncing; but now after following iFixit's guide and putting everything together, the internal mic doesn't work. When I make a call the mic is completely muted but when I activate the speakerphone the other person can hear me (because it uses the secondary mic on top of the phone). It doesn't work with voice memos either.

Oddly enough when I remove the back glass of the iPhone and blow or talk into the lower part (from the rear) of the phone near the mic, the other person hears it, but very "far away".

Does it have anything to do with the little rubber piece I had to move from one connector to the other?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


I'm so sorry...I forgot to report back here how it went. My first dock connector came with a DOA microphone and iFixit gladly replaced it for a second one which came with a stripped ribbon cable, so I yet again asked for a replacement and the customer rep that took my case was kind enough to inspect the third unit himself and when it got here it was in perfect working condition.

Sadly these kinds of electronics are very tricky and there's no way of knowing if they work or not until you assemble them on the phone.

But yes, after getting the third one it worked great. The mic sounds loud and clear, the dock connector syncs and charges as it should...everything went great! I hope you can fix yours too!

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I have the same problem when I had to change the charging port. Did it work for you after you replaced and put a new charging port again? Let me know so maybe i can order another one.


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I HAVE THE ANSWER... Well it worked for me... Bottom mic wasn't working after I did a dock replacement home-diy style.. i plugged all cables / screws back in, mic wasn't working, (thought i'd screwed the iphone up) then i took apart again, and realised I didn't take the off the sticky plastic protector peel off thing on the mic.. easy fix, and may sound stupid, but it did it for me; its so small, but just rub or peel it off. MINT!!! Let me know how it goes!!

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Patrick Boyle, great answer but in this case, a new dock connector resolved the issue "But yes, after getting the third one it worked great. The mic sounds loud and clear, the dock connector syncs and charges as it should...everything went great"


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I had this problem. I reopened the phone and upon close inspection of the microphone i found that there was an adhesive layer (similar to adhesive layers on other parts so they stick in place) covering the microphone itself on the flat side with the little circle, which I assume is the mic opening.

I compared this to my old doc connector and noticed there was no adhesive layer on the mic itself and especially the little mic circle was uncovered.

I removed the adhesive layer carefully with tweezers, put the rubber cover and everything else back together and mic is now working a treat.

I assume the adhesive on the mic is some sort of protective measure for use during freight of parts.

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I'm not sure if it has to do with the rubber piece, but I have a similar situation, and think that could be the case.

My speaker went quiet one day, so I took a look, and there was a lot of dust / lint / stuff blocking the two grills and inside the dock connector.

So, I took an air gun to it. Not an aerosol duster can, but an air hose in the shop at work.

Microphone isn't useful anymore for voice memo's or phone calls. If I yell at it, and play back on a high volume, I can hear myself in a voice memo, and if I blow on it, it is VERY loud in the recording.

I'm wondering if it does have to do with the rubber piece.

I'll let you know if I find anything.


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Well, I disassembled the phone again and reinspected everything and it seemed that everything was in place. Apparently the mic was DOA, so I ordered a replacement.

But be sure to check that rubber cover though: it's very soft and if you used an air hose to clean it, most probably the cover slipped out of place and therefore the mic won't pick up the sound properly.

I'll post back here how it goes with the replacement dock connector.


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Where is the plastic layer? I am unable to find it. I replaced my dock connector and the sound is now working, but the internal mic is not working. I cant find any plastic or adhesive layer. Can someone kindly post a picture or explain? Since I am a first timer.


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