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1988 Isuzu Impulse leaks.

i have the impulse and it leaks behind the driver side rear wheel this mechanic took to says I have to keep taking it to him to keep refilling the differential fluid does any know what that be

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sounds like a leaking seal on the axle shaft. You are sure that it is differential fluid? Make sure that it is not brake fluid because of a leaky brake line


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There is no differential on a 1988 Isuzu impulse. It is a front drive car and thus has a transaxle with half shaft and CV joints.

I like the leaky brake line or fitting answer or perhaps a leak from higher up on the engine managing to drip down to just aft of the front wheel.

Without more details, as to the color of the fluid and the level of the brake reservoir and other fluid consumption, I can not really form a better answer.

Additionally, why would your mechanic keep filling it with fluid and not fixing the leak?

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