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Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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iPhone 4 spring? what is that


I went to my local cellphone repair shop, i told them that my iphone 4 button is not responding, and it doesn't have the pressing sound instead it just softly press without sound. So they told me it could possibly not be the iphone 4 power button problem, but the iphone 4 spring problem? i was wondering what is the iphone 4 spring and how do i buy it. They told me it is right next/near the iphone 4 power button.

I also notice when i was installing the iphone 4 power button, after putting everything back on now my iphone 4 is having system problems. When i make calls or get incomming calls, nobody can hear me, but i can hear them.

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Are you referring to the power button or home button when you say "iPhone 4 button?"

If power:

Did you happen to notice if the small black "nub" in the image below was on the actual power button itself when you removed and replaced it? If not, this is the likely issue that is preventing you from hearing the "click" that we are all so used to.

In regard to people not being able to hear you a lot of people disagree about what causes this issue but you may find it helpful to review the link below for a possible solution, diagnose and also a workaround utilizing the accessibility options.

Microphone not working when making/receiving calls


Referencing the "nub" on the power button is from past experience. I actually just experienced, and resolved, this same issue.

The other thing you need to make sure is that each wing of the power button is centered over it's pilot.

In the image you'll notice the right side being lifted up has a hole. On the left, you can see that there is a very small peg that it fits over. Make sure these are each lined on either side.

This will properly center the power button on the cable to the external button and will bring the click back.

Block Image


I would definitely make sure all connections are clean. Also clean the connections on the ear piece (the two copper contacts behind it) and make sure they are bent properly as you can find in the images about the removal of it.

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Yes im refering to the power button, so most likely iphone 4 spring is the iphone 4 power & sensor cable right? i've already ordered that but just making sure that's the one.

So regarding to iphone 4 not able to answer call is because all my screws aren't screwed up tight? but not the attenna or anything being broken right?


One lastly thing is that, when installing the iphone 4 power button on the iphone 4 i notice that both top and bottom side of the iphone 4 fits through, so im not sure which side to to install is the accurate way and the swing on the iphone 4 can go both side also, the guide doesn't tell which way to install, but just showing an image of the swing going down.


The only spring I can think if them referring to is what allows the button to be pressed down (the orange button). It shouldn't need to be replaced unless it was damaged. But if you are replacing it then yes its part of that cable.

Can you not answer calls or can people not hear you? Some people believe that it could be an issue with the screws not properly grounding the logic board to the case. Others believe the issue can be something else. It would be bestto check the connections to see if it resolves the issue.

Do install it with the swing down. Make sure to take the bracket from your old power cable (located in the image above) and transfer it to the new one. Making sure yo align the holes.


yeah refering to the 2nd question, yeah i can answer call but people just cant hear me at all, and my signal keeps on losing once i dial a call or pickup a call, and nobody can just hear me.

So its just the screws problem, it cant possible be an cable or logic board being broken causing that problem right?


I forgot to ask - Why do you need to replace the button/cable.

Did this happen after you had already removed it, or did it stop "clicking" before you disassembled your phone?

It seems you may be having more than one issue.

If you are not maintaining a steady signal this is probably an issue with the cellular antenna. Review steps 14 & 21 in the guide below and look at the cleaning notes.

iPhone 4 Cellular Antenna Replacement

I'm personally not a big believer at pointing fingers at the logic board, unless I know something has happened where I may have potentially damaged a component. I would work from the smallest possible problem to the largest one. In this case, starting with the screws and then working from there.

Are you still able to record voice notes without an issue? Does speaker phone work?


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