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refri wont go below 45 freezer is doing 0, the evap fan runs and then

Ok help have changed all parts I mean all but comp and evap. refri wont go below 45 freezer is doing 0, the evap fan runs and then shuts off before refr is at set temp WHY?? seems evap fan should run on and off if thermastst is calling for cool in refr side, unit makes ice have it 2" from rear wall have tried to block loose air at freezer pass to refri side checked damper at air in refri not blocked but seems not enough air to cool refri side, why????

Update (12/13/2022)

whirl wrs325s

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I realize that you said that you changed all the parts but try running the diagnostics as described in the tech sheet for the refrigerator and check what errors if any are being displayed.

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ok this is a wrs325 sxs not a newer unit it is 7 years old, my unit in the kitchen has diagnostics, this is a manual type. I have a thermometer in freezer now verifying freezer temp, but my refer side still at 45 degrees, if I compare to boxes there doesn't seem to be enough air blowing in refer damper to cool enough. I need air flow diagram as well as idea if that damper is supposed to be only open on sides of damper when cool control is working or does the damper open across the entire front???? thanks



What is the full model number of the refrigerator?

As can be seen from this link there are a lot of sxs models beginning with WRS325


WRS325FDAM02 just ck'd freezer again it is holding 0 like a champ, still air flow to refrig seems weak, I have replaced evap motor as well as fan blade. thanks



I edited the answer above and inserted the correct tech sheet for your model.

It describes how to make sure that the baffle is OK and what to do if it isn't.

Also have you checked that the refrigerator door seals are OK?

Place a sheet of paper between the door and the door jamb and with the door closed normally, try to pull it out. It will come out with a bit of an effort but it should not come out that easily and it should definitely not fall out by itself. Do this at various places around the door top, bottom and both sides. This also checks that the door is aligned properly i.e. hinges


Thanks for the tech sheet I didn't know those air damper controls can fail, I have just ordered a "New" replacement and will check it out and get back to you on if it fixed my issue. The things you learn huh? Thanks again!! Red


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