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Kia's version of the Hyundai Sonata.

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Why did my fan's go out?

My 2005 kia had been running hot, so we put in a new thermostat and the fan's went out. what could have caused this?

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I do too!! This really sucks! Idk how to fix that


And it's a 2006


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nancy. here is a long answer:-).The Engine Control Module (ECM) provides a control logic for the cooling system and A/C condenser fans.The ECM controls the cooling system and A/C condenser fans in 3 speeds (Lo, Middle, Hi). The speeds are determined by the vehicle speed, the air-conditioning load and engine coolant temperature. There are a couple of things you can check on. First, make sure that all your wires are properly connected especially the fan wire and the sensor wire. Then there are three relay's in your fuse box

Cooling Fan High Relay No. 1 In engine compartment fuse/relay box.

Cooling Fan High Relay No. 2 In engine compartment fuse/relay box.

Cooling Fan Low Relay In engine compartment fuse/relay box.

and then you have the engine coolant sensors.Not sure what engine you have I attached two images with the location based on your engine size.

2 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor

(2.4L) On rear of engine. See Fig. 1 .

Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor

(2.7L) At top rear of engine, on engine coolant outlet fitting. See Fig.

2 .

Of course, you also have the actual fan behind the radiator. First thing to try is to check the fans. Unplug the fan wire. it should be a box with four terminals. connect on of the top terminals to the positive of your battery and one of the bottom ones to your negative terminal. Your fan should now turn. If not, replace your fan.If your fan turns, check your sensors, unplug the cable from the terminal and shorten the wires with a paper clip. Turn your ignition on, your fan should turn on.At operating temperature you can check with an ohm meter to see if the sensor is closed, check for continuity.If no continuity, replace the sensor.

Testing Cooling System Fan Relay See figure 3 for location.

1. Remove the cooling system fan relay (high and low) from the relay box under hood.

2. Check the continuity of the terminals No. 85 and 86 with an ohmmeter. See Fig. 4 .

3. Apply 12 volts to terminal No. 86 and ground terminal No. 85.

4. Check the continuity between terminals No. 30 and 87.

5. If relay fails either continuity test, replace cooling system fan relay.

That is really all I can think of right now, I do hope that this will help. Good Luck and let us know how it is going.

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