My 3DS is Not Switching On And Is Only Charging For 1 Minute.

Heya, so basically I was on a trip and I left my 3DS XL in my pocket in sleep mode for the whole day. By the time I took it out, the battery was dead. I received this 3DS from my cousin in the U.S. and I couldn’t use the original charger because in Indian sockets, the voltage is very high and my cousin plugged it into one and now, the original charger doesn’t work. So I bought another USB 3DS cable to charge from Amazon and it worked perfectly for 5 months. So back to the trip…we went to someone’s house and I forgot to bring my adaptor( I only got a cable and no adaptor was attached to it as it is in the original one )so I just saw one In their house and plugged it into a socket. The orange charging light didn’t light up which was weird so I took it out and tried a different socket. Here it worked and I just left it there. Later when we were leaving, I went to get it and the light wasn’t there so I thought it was fully charged. When we reached back home, I thought I’d just finish one more level in Super Mario 3D Land. When I pressed the power button, no blue light lit up and the device didn’t boot up. After trying many times, I remembered when It didn’t charge at the house. I started panicking and put it for charge and set a stopwatch and watched. As soon as the timer hit one minute, the light went out and I confirmed this by trying it about 3 more times. My dad said it was probably bricked cos I plugged it into an adaptor I knew nothing about. When I asked on Reddit, they said don’t use a fast-charge adaptor cos That could brick the console. As of now, I still know nothing about the adaptor, I’m not sure why it isn’t working, here are the main points:

  1. When I press the power button, it doesn’t boot up and the blue light doesn’t light up.
  2. When I put it for charge, the orange light stays for 1 minute, no more, no less and then stops. I don’t know why…
  3. I used it with an adaptor I know nothing about which probably caused this but I’m not sure.
  4. I opened the back and had a look at the battery which didn’t look like it had anything wrong with it.
  5. I can’t buy a new battery cos it’s really expensive in India because Nintendo doesn’t operate here.

What do I DO? Please help me…I really miss that blue light…

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i think the best case scenario here is you fried your battery. test both fuses and the voltage from your battery (as well as its charge capacity if yk how, bc I don't), and let me know what you get


I donno how to either butt ill come back to you...sorry for the late reply. I thought nobody was gonna answer so i lost hope


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