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This product is a 27-inch LED display with a resolution of 2650x1440 pixels released by Apple on July 27, 2010. It has the model number A1316.

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Washed colors/light leaking in one corner

I bought old 27" Apple LED Cinema Display recently with well known problem of screen flickering on higher brightness + sometimes (not all the time!) washed colors/light leaking on right upper corner. I opened it and it was clear right away, that connection on left LED strip is very loose and broke completely when I touched it. I thought that backlight leaking on right side is connected with this.

I ordered spare pair of LED strips to LM270WQ1 (used ones only available), dismantled LCD panel, replaced both LED backlight strips successfully and mounted panel back.

To my surprise: when I finally connected it to computer, backlight is working without any issues on highest brightness setting but unfortunately the right upper corner has still washed colors/backlight leaking. In addition I can see some image persistence as well.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Any clues what is wrong? Anyone had similar issues?

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@cburza if you should take it apart once more :-) take some pictures of the inside of the screen. Let us see how the diffuser sheets and polarizer sheets are seating as well as the backlights. Details matter when it comes to light.


Yesterday (almost two moths later), all of suddenly, the display get back to normal... No pale colors, no brighter light on right upper corner anymore. Nothing was done with display, just normally used day by day.


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This looks like the defused sheets got messed up and may be damaged.

There is also an order in the sheets so the full display gets even illumination from the backlights.

For the dark corner this might be a few dead LEDs in the string.

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Thanks Dan for your feedback.

The same effect was before I even opened the LCD panel (I just thought it is connected with backlight issue) and I took all defused sheets together, so not possible to mess them up. The panel was not opened before.

The dark corner (left side of the screen) is actually producing correct picture - the right side is washed/burned out even with minimum brightness. I checked LEDs in both strings and all were ok.


@cburza - I was focusing in on the last image. This is bleed from the sheets not sitting properly and I see some staining as well.


Hi @danj

I just dismantled the LCD again (shortly I'll be able to do it with eyes closed), checked if sheets are sitting correctly, if LED strings are fine and carefully put everything together.

No success unfortunately - I'm getting same view as on the above pictures. I give up.


@cburza - Yes it’s tricky! Did you reseal the edge area as the light can escape into the panels edge area if the foil is not applied.

I would just get a replacement screen as these are still highly sought displays as the build quality is top notch! I have two Thunderbolt displays which is the exact same display with my 2013 Trashcan MacPro, someone would be hard pressed to take the out of my clutches!


@danj - yep, edge areas resealed.

Regarding the quality I totally agree - I have Thunderbolt 27" as well, which is in perfect condition so I know how they shine (this one unfortunately does not want to talk with my work Dell Latitude 5420).

I'll check if some parts are available on the market to make replacement. For the moment I can see someone is offering panel from A1213 iMac in my town, but from what I've learned, it's not plug&play (it has backlight cable/connector on the opposite side for sure).


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