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MacBook is just dead.

Hi guys, I just bought a second-hand macbook pro 15" late 2008. First I decided to go by and check out the macbook but the guy sounded quite trustworthy. So I decided to transfer the money and have him mail the macbook instead because he lives quite far away (bad call, obviously).

Today I recieved the macbook including a charger. I booted up the system, installed a clean version of Lion OSX and everything was running smoothly, although it was running a little hot.

After messing around with some settings I closed the cover and expected it to go into sleepmode. When I returned 30 minutes later the macbook felt quite hot still. So I guess it didnt go into sleepmode?

The same happend again and I placed the laptop on my bed. When I returned 40 minutes later the laptop was just dead. Oh lord...


- Just dead. Pressing the button gives no response, period.

- No white indicator light

- No startup sounds

- No white screen

- No fan noise

- - Just dead :(

What I did so far:

- PRAM reset etc.

- Removing the battery

- Changing the power chord

- Disassembled the entire macbook and reassembled

Can you guys give me some advice :( What do you think? What could be the cause? It booted up without a problem in the world, until (i guess) the battery went dead. Did this guy screw me??

Any (useful) suggestions are welcome!

P.S. plz dont tell me im an idiot for buying something over mail without buyers protection. My wife already did that for you guys, trust me... ;)

tnx! Anthony

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If the battery drains completely, many times this machine will not start until it has about a 20% charge. Try to let it charge up for a couple of hours and cool down then reset the SMC.

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