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How to power up MacBook without power switch?

My power switch doesn't work but It will take a few weeks before I'll be able get a new one.

I was looking for a way to turn it on from the logic board, until I get the new keyboard, but I couldn't find how to do it on my model.

Can anyone help me here?

Thanks a lot

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Be aware that if you power up the machine using the power pads and then connect the top case while the machine is powered you could generate a short that could fry the logic board. Instead use an external keyboard and a mouse until you install the new top case.

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Look at the picture in this link. You should be able to short across the 2 solder points and it will start up if in fact the power button is the issue. What color macbook is it i may have one for you?

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the power pin is the leftmost one from the bottom row. you can use the fan surface as the ground

the diagram is attached on the bottom

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