Retainer clip is broken in a key a use alot. Replace from another key?

Q button delay - lag - and it doesnt hold anymore.its like that for like 1 week. I discovered by accident that when i hold at this place hard and keep moving my finger around it the button work very normal ( i dont feel anything happen under the button. I just hold there and the magic happens. The button just work ) i think that the white plastic thing under the button is broken and when i press hard there something happens and the button work ( not sure. just guessing ). I need Q button. I play a game that totally relay on Q . If the white plastic cause that can i take one from a button i dont need in the SAME keyboard ( number 0 button in the right side of the keyboard for example ) and replace it with the broken one in Q ? Can this plastic even cause that ? laptop is acer aspire A715-75G.

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Idk why the photo isnt uploaded. I hold at the lower half on the button. Just hold there and keep moving my finger around there. And then i stop holding and try the button. I find it working normally


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