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Car has no power whatsoever. Good battery, salvaged car from junkyard.

Ok, so I bought a 91 civic dx hatchback, and just last night I tried connecting a battery with jumper cables. I attached the jumper cables to the terminals on the car first, made sure they were on right and then attached them to the battery. I went to put the key in the ignition, and tried turning to a/c only to still have no power anywhere. After that, I went to check the fuse box by the battery and noticed a wasp nest in there. Could this be my issue, or would anything else cause this problem? I’m pretty sure I need to drain the old fuel, put oil in the engine and just wanna see if it’ll turn over. I was told the engine may have a blown head gasket, but it’s a dseries so I find that hard to believe with my experience with dseries. Anyway, any and all help is very much appreciated and I would love to hear what the professionals think. If you guys help me get this car running and on the road again, I will be very very grateful. Thank you all!

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The wasp nest in the fuse box by the battery could be the issue, but other possibilities include a dead or faulty battery, loose or dirty connections, or a problem with the alternator. It's unlikely that a blown head gasket would prevent the engine from turning over. To troubleshoot, try charging or replacing the battery and getting a professional inspection. Good luck!

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The battery I was using is out of my 91 accord, so it’s a good battery. I use it daily. I’m going to try cleaning that fuse box out when I get home, see if the fuses look bad and if they do, I’ll replace those and see what else I’m facing. I’m not sure if the alternator is bad, but he told me the car runs when I bought it. The car had a battery in there, but it was wrapped in plastic and didn’t look good. I’ll clean the connectors off as well, but as mentioned I connected the battery with jumper cables. I sat that battery down, attached the cables to the cars battery terminals, and then attached the cables to the battery. I went to turn the key, and still had no power. No power in dash, no door chime, no overhead light, nothing. Just dead as if no battery were connected. I’ll go thru and check the connections as well. I plan on pressure washing the engine bay getting rid of cob webs and leaves and what not. If I can’t diagnose the problem myself, I plan on putting her in a shop that can do electrical work.


I didn't see your comment before posting my answer. Definitely check out the ground from the battery to engine block, or frame. Wherever it goes you will have to trace it out.


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If I'm reading correctly the Honda has no battery and you're trying to jump it to another vehicle. This doesn't always work, connectors can easily become broken and you're loosing a lot of amps across your jumper cables.

Definitely put a KGB (known good battery) in the Honda with proper connections.. if you still have zero power anywhere my first look would be at the grounding cables, the black cables from the battery to the frame, engine block, wherever. You will have to trace it out.

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I’ll will double check that tomorrow. Hopefully I can find what it is in the rain and will be able to do some work to it. I’m not to sure how to diagnose issues myself as I’m not a mechanic nor do I have the knowledge a mechanic would, but I will for sure look at the grounds, fuses, wires, etc. I appreciate everybody’s help and advice.


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