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Repair and disassembly guides for Lexmark printers.

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Can I better "hide" my printer from other's devices *C3326*

I do not know when this happened, but someone sent an invoice to my C3326, in full color. I AM NOT UPSET AT THEM, JUST ANNOYED. THINGS HAPPEN, I AM AWARE. However, I would like to better prevent this from happening again while I am ahead.

I have changed the printer's name to properly reflect whose it is, but I am seeing if there are other controls I can deploy like if Lexmark has color control software so even if the name change fails to catch these out, devices that aren't mine will be blocked from using the color supplies, even phones besides mine. I know the higher-end machines like the CS tend to have this control, but I'm not sure about the GO line which my C3326 falls under.

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Hi @nick

Can you use WiFi direct?

If so then there's a WiFi Direct password option that may limit access to others, but maybe this isn't what you want. See p.31-32 of the user manual

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Yeah I also run it on my computer. I might mess with MVE and see but I don’t think that bypasses the issue of Mopria defaulting to color on phones, just computers. I may investigate WiFi direct though since it may be the only way to be really sure.

On my iPhone it defaults to color as well but there’s a quick toggle. What happened was after a power outage something else got the IP address I locked in at the printer level (not the router) so I had to change it. Apparently that causes Mopria on Android to treat it as a new printer and undo any hide attempts -_- (I have to on this phone, HP has had chronic issues with their ePrint service for 10+ years, Mopria and AirPrint are the only ones that work… Not leaving out Samsungs integration of print features is hot garbage because it biases their broken system).


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