JBL Charge 3 won't charge - replaced battery + charging board

Hey everyone,

I have a 2016 model Charge 3 that I have replaced the battery on once before successfully. A few months back the micro USB port broke (pins bent). So I decided to replace the charging daughterboard and put in a new battery.

Unfortunately, even with the replaced charging board - the JBL Charge 3 does not want to charge the battery. It draws around 0.25 A constantly when the micro USB port is connected, the charging light blinks for a few times then goes back to constantly on. I've tried two different batteries, same issue.

Even with the previous charging board directly connecting the + and - to the USB pads on the board, I get the same issue. It just draws 0.25 A constantly (even if disconnecting the battery while it's connected).

Anyone ever face this problem and know if it's fixable?

If not - I'll just leave out the charging board and create a jack to link to the battery directly lol.

Thanks in advance!

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