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Why won't my MacBook Pro start up at all?

I had bought a used 15" MacBook Pro, with the belief that it just needed a new battery. I installed Mac OS X Leopard on with no problem while it was plugged in, and it turned on numerous times. It now won't turn on anymore. It can't be the power supply, because I just bought a new power adapter, and as some of you know, the Pro doesn't need a battery as long as it's plugged in to boot up, but it doesn't start up AT ALL. Help?

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Hi! First I'd remove the battery, just to simplify the situation, and then I'd make sure the memory is seated well, and test both slots, one at a time, by leaving one empty, and then the other. I would also attempt to reset the PMU every time you change the memory configuration.

What color is the light on the AC plug when you connect it to the laptop, and is the light consistent, or erratic?

In terms of troubleshooting, I've learned to never take anything as fact unless I've witnessed it with my own eyes. The fact that the power adapter is new doesn't mean it's working...have you witnessed it working? Do you have the old one, or can you borrow a friend's, or test your new AC adapter on a friend's computer?

This sounds silly, but I'd also try a different electrical outlet on the other side of the house.

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Alright, I will try that tonight.

And to answer some of your questions, the color is the consistent green every time I have it in. And I have not witnessed it working, well, other than the times before my computer decided to stop booting up. I don't have an old one, or a friend with a MacBook of any kind, sadly. :/


Reseting the PMU worked! Thanks!


Great answer.


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You may need to replace the Left I/O Board. Will the computer boot off battery power? What is the model number of your laptop?

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Well, that's another issue, the battery is dead. Even if it's plugged in, it will not get a charge. And it is model A1226.


Here is the I/O Board for your laptop. I have been having a similar problem with our MacBook Pro Model 1226 test computer. I think the culprit is the I/O Board.


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