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Repair guides, support, and troubleshooting information for the 2022 13-inch MacBook Air, featuring Apple's M2 SoC. Released on July 15th, 2022 and identified by model number A2681.

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Keys are sticking or ghosting?

Hi, I had an issue with keys being stuck on, or ghosting. It was not obvious from a physical inspection that any keys were stuck. Perhaps there is dust beneath? I was in a dusty environment for several months.

I have temporarily fixed this problem by turning on Accessibility -> Keyboard -> Slow Keys.

I am bringing to the genius bar tomorrow, but would like to pose this question here in case there is a diy solution. I will update this answer if they tell me what's wrong.

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Sadly, there are no easy fixes for keys messing up like yours has. A friend of mine got stuck in a Haboobs in New Mexico. He was never able to fully clean it, he ended up getting the keyboard replaced which it a costly endever.

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