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The Kenmore 90 Series is a washing machine manufactured by Kenmore.

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won't spin; makes pulsating sound and room lights flicker

Everything works fine expect the spin cycle. As soon as the timer clicks into the spin portion of the rinse cycle (about half way through the rinse cycle), the machine pulses and thumps --at first I thought the clothes were off balance. The lights in the room blink in rhythm with the pulsing. I moved the dial ahead to the spin cycle, and the same thing happens there. It appears that the drum is jerking slightly, as well. Any help would be appreciated.

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margie, before we find a solution, here is a quick thought. The room lights flicker because your washer is drawing a large amount of power. It will eventually pop your circuit breaker. I would unplug it or at least not use the spin cycle.


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Not exactly sure which model your washer is, here are some more general ideas to look at. If your washer fills and drains, it will agitate but it will not spin, there is the possibility that it is a broken lid switch. Older model filled and agitated, but did not spin with the lid open. You are more likely to have either something caught in the tub, or dragging brake shoes and a worn out clutch. There is also a chance that it is your transmission. Take a look on here for an excellent description. You can download a service manual from here.It will show you how to do the repair as well as the function of the parts.

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