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Skype won't stay deleted. Help?

Skype starts when the computer initially boots, but whenever I try to delete it from my computer, it always starts again and signs in to my boyfriend's account. I've brought it to the Apple Store, and even they tried deleting it to no avail. How do I get rid of Skype so his friends don't keep thinking I'm him?

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are you set up as admin or is he?


How many accounts are are on this computer, including the main Admin/Root? What account was Skype originally installed on?


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Uninstall Skype

To uninstall Skype, quit Skype, open your Applications folder and drag your copy of Skype to the trash. Your user information, including your Contacts list and call log, is retained on your computer in case you should decide to try Skype again at a later date. These files can be found in “username/Library/Skype”. This directory containing harmless data can also be deleted.

Empty the trash.


Go to system preferences > System > Accounts > (your user name) > login items, click on anything that has to do with Skype and hit the negative sign at the bottom of the box to delete it.

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